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Action Profiler

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Action Profiler allows you to profile a single Rails action to determine what to optimize. You can use the Production Log Analyzer and action_grep to determine which actions you should profile and what arguments to use.

Information on the Production Log Analyzer can be found at:


Action Profiler REQUIRES Ruby 1.8.3, even if you just use Ruby’s builtin profiler.

Action Profiler can use three profilers, Ruby’s builtin profiler class, Shugo Maeda’s Prof or Ryan Davis’ ZenProfile.

Shugo Maeda’s Prof:

Ryan Davis’ ZenProfile:

Running Action Profiler

Typically, action_profiler will be run from the root of your Rails application:

  $ action_profiler GamesController#index
  [ profile output ]

If you need to run action_profiler from some other path, the -p command line option can be used to specify the location of your Rails application.

  action_profiler -p ~/Worx/X/CCR GamesController#index

Parameters can be specified after the controller and action:

  action_profiler GamesController#index ":id => 1"

If you need to make sure a page is working correctly you can specify -o. No profiling will occur and the generated page will be printed out instead:

  $ action_profiler -o GamesController#show ":id => 1"
  [ lots of HTML output ]

Gem Installation

  gem install action_profiler


(Sorry, no manual installation script is available for the .tgz)